Posted by: inpage3 | August 6, 2009

Faiz Lahori Nastaliq for InPage 3

Screen of Faiz Nastaliq Logo

فیض نستعلیق

Faiz Nastaliq 1.0 is specially created for those who are fond of Lahori Nastaliq. It not only enriches InPage Version 3 but also makes it the most comprehensive Urdu typesetting and designing tool in publishing industry. Faiz Nastaliq gives the designers and publishers the most indispensible high-quality typesetting for literary academic production. It provides ligatures to shape writing of different genre, poetry, prose, blank verse, etc. It is a delight of designers. It will help them enhance the designs of the magazines, hoardings, posters, advertisement and newspapers. Corporate users will be pleased to discover Faiz Nastaliq effective protection of their investment in proprietary typography.

What is Faiz Nastaliq?

Faiz Nastaliq is a dream comes true. The type face is designed on the rules & scales of Lahori Nastaliq script set by Late Faiz Katib (1912-1986). Faiz Nastaliq is an innovative set of Fonts for InPage Version 3 that has been specifically developed for Urdu publishing world. It integrates traditional calligraphy with modern typefaces, giving designers the freedom they need to remain creative in today’s world. By adding Faiz Nastaliq, InPage Version 3 truly becomes the most comprehensive Urdu typesetting and designing tool in the industry.

Why Faiz Nastaliq?

Urdu typography has been a great challenge for the printing and publishing industry. Because it is composed of complex and shifting letters, typesetting technology based on letter analysis could not render the richness of the script. It is for this reason that Syed Manzar, Managing Director of Axis SoftMedia Pvt. Ltd., has developed Faiz Nastaliq by analysing individual penstrokes and creating a clear and limited set of rules. Faiz Nastaliq is a true breakthrough in Urdu typography as it allows InPage Version 3 users to fully express the enormous variability of Urdu letters. Faiz Nastaliq returns to the sources of the Urdu script traditions, providing today’s generation of high-tech designers with greater freedom and offering them a real Urdu-friendly design environment. The ingenious interface and set of Urdu-related features are ideal to create richer, more complex Urdu typography. Faiz Nastaliq let you work better and faster than ever.

Why it is unique?

Urdu typography, so far, was devoid of ‘Kashish’ feature of words & ligature. Faiz Nastaliq Kasheeda enriches the publishing world with this beautiful feature and blesses the documents & published data with true flavour of Urdu calligraphy. All the unique ligatures that are used in the font are without ‘Nuqta’ and ‘Aeraab’ unlike other Nastaliq fonts. It covers up to 10% less space than available Nastaliq fonts and looks extremely attractive in ‘Kashish’ with kerning.



  1. Excellent Software for Urdu, Arabic & Persian Languages with tons of nice font, Professional Calligraphy Font Faiz Nastaliq.

  2. can you install this font (Faiz Nastaliq) into the previous edition of Inpage?

  3. sir,
    this inpage is very good

  4. Dear administrator!

    I have copied faiz noori nastaliq calligrpahic font downloaded from your website in C:\windows\fonts folder but i could not use. Kindly tell me how can i used these fonts in inpage 2010 or 2011? or if there is a different method to utilize them, kindly let me know.

    Looking forward for your problem solving reply.

    With kind regards,

  5. sir.
    I want inpage 3 but this is over oproch of me.plece you are give me this software.may b as posibale.

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